Course and Curriculum Resource Guide

The following resources serve to assist administrators, faculty and staff with the process and procedures in the development and approval of undergraduate and graduate courses and curricula. Information is also provided for minors, certificates and degree programs.

Curricular Approvals and Substantive Change Rule
University Rule 11.99.99.M3

Flowchart – Curriculum Approval Process

Undergraduate Curriculum Committee
–Schedule of Meetings and Deadlines
–Standard Operating Procedures

Graduate Council
Schedule of Meetings and Deadlines

Core Curriculum

Course Proposals
Course Forms, Instructions, UCC/GC Submission Checklist, and Examples
CIP Codes
Cross-Listed Courses
Minimum Syllabus Requirements
Prerequisites (300 and 400 Level Courses)
Style Guide – Catalog Course Descriptions
Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs

Special Topics Courses
Stacked Courses

Curriculum Change Proposals
–Instructions and Examples

Distance Education
–New programs including certificates

Degree Program Print Options
Guide to Degree Program Tracking and Credentials

Degree Programs (includes Distance Education) and Administrative Changes
Board of Regents Agenda Item Due Dates (TAMU Systems Office)
Board of Regents 2015 Meetings and Deadlines for Agenda Items
Forms and Process (TAMU Systems Office)
–Program Checklist (Word)
–Teach-Out Plan for Program Discontinuation (Word)
SACSCOS Substantive Change Policy (reference page 21)
Please contact Curricular Services for additional information

Other Programs
Certificate Programs
–Master’s Non-Thesis Degree Programs
Guidelines/Proposal to Offer Two Master’s Non-Thesis Degree Programs (PDF) (Word)
–Proposed Minor Field of Study (PDF)
–University Studies Degree
Proposed Area of Concentration Form (PDF) (Word)

Tracking Charts
Courses, Curriculum, Programs

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